The University of Oregon’s GK-12 Science Outreach Program links graduate students from the Chemistry and Physics department with participating Oregon elementary and middle schools.  The graduate students work with teachers to promote inquiry-based education methods and to provide resources for hands-on physical science activities. The GK-12 program ended in 2014.

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Jeremy Copperman

Jeremy investigates the physics of biological systems, exploring how organic macromolecules move and interact with cell membranes and with other molecules.

Project: Biomimicry


Peter Morse

Peter studies the physics of granular substances such as sand and how their configuration can move from fluid to jammed.

Project:  Solar Challenge


Brad Rose

Brad is investigating how the synthesis and theory of organic molecules can be used to harness and store natural power sources.

Project:  Green Schools for the Extreme


Kara Nell

Kara focuses on functionalized materials for water purification. She targets specific contaminates in water that are toxic in low concentrations, such as heavy metals.

Project: Water Quality


Roger Smith

Roger explores the interaction of single photons (really small amounts of light) within optical fibers.  His research involves how different frequencies (or color) of light change when they are traveling through an optical fiber.

Project: Magnets and Motors

Michelle Watt

Michelle is working on creating receptors that can sense and bind to anions (negatively charged atoms or molecules).

Project: Nanoworlds