STEM CORE stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Careers through Outreach Research and Education. It is a consortium of UO science, math and education faculty, STEM outreach and education program coordination staff, community college faculty, K-12 collaborators, STEM industry and government partners and supporters.

STEM CORE’s mission is to produce a broader and deeper pool of STEM talent in Oregon and nationally through the development of efficient and effective models for student learning and engagement, and by forging new collaborations between education faculty, K-12 educator, science researcher, mathematician, STEM industry and government partnerships.

STEM CORE aims to improve the quality and throughput of the STEM Pipeline (Figure 1) through the development of educational and training structures that serve to prepare future STEM technicians, scientists, engineers and mathematicians.

To accomplish this mission, STEM CORE will partner with individual educators, schools and school districts to:

  • Partner with teachers to create instructional programs
  • Help secure external funding through participation in grant proposals
  • Serve as expert consultants for new and existing educational programs and initiatives

STEM CORE faculty and researchers will use their expertise in technical fields to help educators in public schools develop the student skills needed to prepare them for future careers as STEM technicians, scientists, engineers and mathematicians.  Members of STEM CORE fully embrace the Oregon STEM Employer goals to double the number of STEM degrees awarded in Oregon by the year 2030.

Bryan Rebar, PhD., brebar@cas.uoregon.edu, Associate Director STEM CORE

Dean Livelybrooks, UO Physics, dlivelyb@uoregon.edu,  Co-Director

Jill Baxter, UO Education Studies, jabaxter@uoregon.edu,  Co-Director

See Membership and Affiliates for a complete listing members and partners.