How is STEM CORE structured?  STEM CORE is a collaboration among faculty from the UO College of Arts and Sciences; faculty from the UO College of Education; directors and coordinators of STEM outreach, education and career-building programs (e.g. SPICE, SAIL, GK-12, STEPCentral, CLAST, College and Career Readiness, and Pine Mountain Observatory); and community partners that include industry liaisons, government scientists, external evaluators, and K-12 teachers and staff.  The Center also includes two part-time staff persons.

Where are the STEM CORE offices?  STEM CORE offices and meeting space is housed in a suite of offices in 146/148 Willamette Hall on the University of Oregon campus.

148 Willamette Hall

How is STEM CORE funded?  STEM CORE is funded by the University of Oregon departments of Biology, Chemistry, Geological Sciences and Physics with matching funds from the College of Arts and Sciences.

Is STEM CORE planning to run all the STEM-related outreach and education efforts on campus?  No. STEM CORE provides a collaboration opportunity for those who run outreach and research programs throughout the academic year and summer and want to use the resources the Center provides (e.g. program coordination; school liaison; event planning; participant recruitment, selection and tracking; publicity).

Program staff retains overall responsibility for running the program. STEM CORE does not divert funding from programs to the Center.

Is there a fee to join the membership of STEM CORE?  No.

How can I join the membership of STEM CORE?  Contact stemcore@uoregon.edu to be added to the listserv.  Please also follow our calendar (here) for upcoming meetings and other events!

Do other universities have something like STEM CORE?  STEM CORE is part of the Network of STEM Education Centers (NSEC), which have a variety of models.